Here at Storm Group, we love sharing our knowledge with others. We’re homeowners much like you, and we pride ourselves on the beauty of our homes. We also know that protecting our home investment at a reasonable cost is important, and one way to achieve that is to prevent water damage by installing high-quality gutters and gutter guards. Every year that we’ve been in business, we help more and more homeowners to understand that benefits of gutter protection, and we enjoy helping protect our communities.

In our numerous consultations with homeowners, we have found commonly asked questions about gutters and gutter covers, so below are answers to those questions. We hope it helps you in your learning process, and we look forward to speaking with you in person to discuss your unique home gutter needs.

Gutter Installation

What are the benefits of seamless gutters over standard gutters?
The short answer is “no leaks.” Having one long run of gutters means one long and smooth path for the water to flow – versus standard gutters that are installed in shorter sections. Those shorter sections are bound together by seams, and water has the potential to leak into those seams, and then onto the ground around your home foundation, which can cause water damage unknown to you. Plus our seamless design means that the gutter is stronger as one solid piece than it would as smaller, pieced-together sections. With that integrity, our gutter systems are far more resistant to the expansion and contraction that happens with our Minnesota freezing and warming cycles, and strong winds have very little impact with the superior design of seamless gutters in Minneapolis and Twin Cities climates.
Will the gutters match my house?
Yes – in fact, the appearance is amazing. Storm Group Gutters will measure the exact length you need for precisely tailored custom lengths, AND will match the exact color scheme of your home’s fascia and soffit. A lot of lesser quality gutters are simply slapped up in a “close enough” fashion, without matching color, but Storm Group Gutters prides ourselves on precision designs and with hundreds of styles and colors that complement your home’s appearance to greatly enhance its’ curb appeal and home value.
What are Storm Group's seamless rain gutters made from?

We use durable aluminum gutter materials. Aluminum is the most popular type of gutter on the market today, since it combines strength with affordability. We have found that it can withstand the Minnesota elements better than vinyl, and won’t rust over time like traditional steel gutters in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities often-wet environment.

Can I buy gutters at a local hardware store?

While hardware stores may sell residential gutters, most are cheaper vinyl lengths that you’d need to cut to exact lengths yourself with specialty tools, set aside a block of time to climb a ladder and adhere your hand-cut gutters to your roof, hope that the seams don’t leak, and that they can withstand the often harsh Minnesota conditions or years to come. And in most cases, only a few colors are available. We’ve had customers that tried attempting gutter installation on their own, and confessed that they wish they’d have invested just a little more for higher quality, and to have it professionally installed, color-matched, and custom fit.

What colors are available for your seamless rain gutters?

Since we offer hundreds of styles and colors, there’s a very high probability that we have the color that perfectly blends with the rest of your home. And, since we also happen to be experts in siding and roofing, we can also install a custom-matched soffit and fascia to coordinate perfectly with the gutters. This visual “facelift” can really make your home the envy of the whole block.

How much does gutter installation cost?

Gutter cost depends on the custom lengths needed for your home. We do provide a no-obligation estimate site visit, so call us to arrange an easy appointment to give you an exact figure.

Is there a warranty for your gutters?

Yes – we believe that your gutter system should provide years of stress-free protection, and we offer a 20-year warranty on all Storm Group Gutters.

If you’d like to learn more about all the available gutter options for your home, please contact us today at (612) 251-6938. We enjoy informing our customers about the variety of products we represent, install, and support, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our seamless rain gutters.

Gutter Guards

Why do I need a gutter guard?

Gutter guards are designed to place a barrier over your gutter trough to prevent leaves and other debris from the roof from entering the gutter trough where the water ought to flow unimpeded. Over time, leaves that collect and clog the gutters prevent water from flowing in the gutters to the downspout and away from your home. Unfortunately, clogged gutters can cause a host of problems; water needs to go somewhere, and it usually shoots over the clogged gutter onto the ground below – right next to your home’s foundation. A concentrated area of forcefully dripping water right by your home can create water damage in the form of leaky basements, carpet and drywall damage needing replacement, wood rot, mold, insect infestation, and more. At Storm Group Gutters, we feel that the type of high-performance gutter protection that we offer is well worth the investment in preventing these potential hazards.

Are there different types of gutter protection?

Yes, there are different names for it, like gutter helmet, leafguard, gutter king, and other types of leaf guards for gutters – some of which have trademarked names, some not – but overall the concept is the same: attempt to shield your gutters from leaves and debris so that water flows freely into the downspout and away from the house.

As you may have read on our Gutter Guards pages, we proudly install Xtreme Gutter Guard and Berger LeaFree gutter covers for what we have tested as the best gutter protection on the market today. We’ve chosen these brands because of our own uncompromisingly high standards for build quality, and actual effectiveness. The amazing Xtreme Gutter Guard, for instance, provides maximum rejection of leaves, grit, pine needles, etc. – all the while able to withstand an incredible 60 gallons of water per minute flowing freely into a clean gutter system. Please know that not all gutter covers are created equal – we’d be happy to meet with you to show you the difference and discuss your options.

How much does gutter guard installation cost?

Gutter guard installation cost depends on the length of gutters that you have, the style you’d need, and a few other factors depending on tree coverage, etc. We’re happy to report that our service has been praised in many reviews as “affordable,” “extremely reasonable,” and “way better than other quotes.” See for yourself – contact us today to get a no-obligation quote.

Will gutter covers affect the appearance of my gutters or home?

No – since the covers are installed carefully and cleanly on top of the gutter, our gutter guards’ attractive appearance actually enhances your home’s look while preventing costly water damage.

Other than potential water damage, why else would I need gutter covers?

Without some type of gutter protection, leaves and other gunk can clog up your gutters every Fall and Spring. Some people don’t mind climbing the ladder and spending a few hours on a precious Saturday grabbing smelly gunk out of the gutters, but if you don’t, you’ll be happy to know that at Storm Group Gutters, we offer gutter cleaning service at your convenience. That said, many customers have found that having high performance gutter guards installed is a better long-term investment that offers better protection against water damage.

If you’re curious about how Storm Group Gutters can help you with a new gutter installation, gutter repair, gutter cleaning, or high-performance gutter guards, give us a call today for a no-obligation consultation and estimate from one of our friendly staff at (612) 251-6938.