Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Protect your property with a seamless gutter system

If you’ve noticed water leaking from your gutters, it’s time for a new gutter installation – or at minimum, gutter repair. Why?

Gutters play an important role in protecting the integrity of your home or business. When it rains or snow melts, the gutters direct water to the downspouts and away from the foundation of your house. This simple action keeps water from pooling around the base of the structure, a hazard that often leads to expensive leaks and deterioration, since that water seeps into the ground, and eventually into your basement and sometimes under the house itself!

If you’ve ever had water damage in a basement, then you know how costly it can be – replacing carpet, drywall, wood studs, and more – not to mention the inconvenience of ripping it all up, blowing fans, AND in some cases, never getting rid of that damp, musty, old water smell…

The good news is that replacing your gutters with an effective and affordable seamless gutter installation from Storm Group Gutters can prevent such problems, and ensure that rainwater and melting snow flows freely into your clean and clear gutter system, into the downspouts, and away from your home – an efficient design that keeps your home’s foundation and basement nice and dry, as a good gutter system should.

Quality Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a type of gutter system made from a single piece of aluminum fitted along the entire length of a roof’s eave. The only joints in a seamless gutter system are where two gutters meet at a corner.

This common sense approach to aluminum gutter installation has many benefits for the integrity of the structure:

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The Benefits of Aluminum Seamless Gutters

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Less Maintenance

It’s much more difficult for leaves and sticks to accumulate in seamless gutters as there are no joints for the debris to get trapped on. This means much less gutter cleaning for you!

Custom Fit

Seamless gutters are cut specifically for your home’s unique roof. This ensures the best gutter coverage possible for your property.

No Leaks

The fewer seams and joints in a gutter system, the less likely it is that leaks will develop.


Seamless gutters don’t have the joints and bolts that other sectional gutters do. This gives your home a clean appearance that you can’t help but appreciate.


Aluminum gutters are available in hundreds of styles and colors so you are sure to find the perfect gutter system for your home.


Aluminum gutters typically cost much less than other types of gutter systems.


A: The short answer is “no leaks.” Having one long run of gutters means one long and smooth path for the water to flow – versus standard gutters that are installed in shorter sections. Those shorter sections are bound together by seams, and water has the potential to leak into those seams, and then onto the ground around your home foundation, which can cause water damage unknown to you. Plus our seamless design means that the gutter is stronger as one solid piece than it would as smaller, pieced-together sections. With that integrity, our gutter systems are far more resistant to the expansion and contraction that happens with our Minnesota freezing and warming cycles, and strong winds have very little impact with the superior design of seamless gutters in Minneapolis and Twin Cities climates

A. Yes – in fact, the appearance is amazing. Storm Group Gutters will measure the exact length you need for precisely tailored custom lengths, AND will match the exact color scheme of your home’s fascia and soffit. A lot of lesser quality gutters are simply slapped up in a “close enough” fashion, without matching color, but Storm Group Gutters prides ourselves on precision designs and with hundreds of styles and colors that complement your home’s appearance to greatly enhance its’ curb appeal and home value.

A: We use durable aluminum gutter materials. Aluminum is the most popular type of gutter on the market today, since it combines strength with affordability. We have found that it can withstand the Minnesota elements better than vinyl, and won’t rust over time like traditional steel gutters in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities often-wet environment.

A: While hardware stores do sell residential gutters, most are cheaper vinyl lengths that you’d need to cut to exact lengths yourself with specialty tools, set aside a block of time to climb a ladder and adhere your hand-cut gutters to your roof, hope that the seams don’t leak, and that they can withstand the often harsh Minnesota conditions or years to come. And in most cases, only a few colors are available. We’ve had customers that tried attempting gutter installation on their own, and confessed that they wish they’d have invested just a little more for higher quality, and to have it professionally installed, color-matched, and custom fit.

A: Since we offer hundreds of styles and colors, there’s a very high probability that we have the color that perfectly blends with the rest of your home. And, since we also happen to be experts in siding and roofing, we can also install a custom-matched soffit and fascia to coordinate perfectly with the gutters. This visual “facelift” can really make your home the envy of the whole block.

A: Gutter cost depends on the custom lengths needed for your home. We do provide a no-obligation estimate site visit, so call us to arrange an easy appointment to give you an exact figure.

A: Yes. You may just need a few alterations to get your gutter system working properly again, and we perform gutter repairs, as well as gutter cleaning. In addition, we also install gutter guards (or gutter covers) to prevent leaves and debris from clogging your gutters.

A: We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide exceptional value and quality to Minneapolis and Twin Cities homes and businesses for many years. We know how valuable your home is to you, and how important it is to protect one of your biggest investments. We’ve been honored to receive hundreds of positive testimonials, as well as repeat customers, for our gutters, roofing, siding, and more. We’re “sticklers for detail,” and we do it right, exceed expectations, and stand behind our customer-first approach, for the long-term.

A: Yes – we believe that your gutter system should provide years of stress-free protection, and we offer a 20 year warranty on all Storm Group Gutters.

If you’d like to learn more about all the available gutter options for your home, please contact us today at (612) 251-6938 (link to tel:612-251-6938 “click-to-call”). We enjoy informing our customers about the variety of products we represent, install, and support, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our seamless rain gutters and gutter services.

Types of Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Storm Group Gutters specializes in aluminum seamless gutter installation on both residential and commercial properties.

Our two best selling types of seamless gutter systems are:

5-inch Aluminum Seamless Gutters: Appropriate for small to large residential roofs and available in a wide range of styles and colors.

6-inch Aluminum Seamless Gutters: Appropriate for all commercial roofs and available in a wide range of styles and colors. The larger size enables these gutters to handle more rainwater runoff from a large or steep pitched roof.

Aluminum Seamless Gutter Installation

With hundreds of gutter systems installed around the Twin Cities metro area, we are the Twin Cities gutter experts!

Here’s how our gutter installation process works:

1.) Contact Us: Give us a call, email, message, or stop by in person to let us know what your gutter needs are.

2.) Get an Estimate: One of our professional gutter contractors will stop by your home or business to provide you with a cost estimate for installing gutters.

3.) Enjoy Your New Gutters: Our team of gutter contractors will finish your gutter installation job in one day.

Your Trusted Minneapolis Gutter Company

Storm Group Gutters provides you with the best service for your seamless rain gutter needs. No matter the size and shape of your home or business, we are ready to help you with gutter installation services that you will be proud of for years to come.