Xtreme Gutter Guard – the Ultimate in Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Never clean your gutter again with micro mesh gutter guards from industry leader Xtreme!

What is Xtreme? The Xtreme micro mesh gutter guard system is a fine screen and framework that is installed over the top of an existing gutter system. This stainless steel mesh screen prevents debris from accumulating in the gutters while allowing water to flow undisturbed into the gutter system.

Micro mesh gutter guards have many benefits including:

  • Prevents leaves, pine needles, and even the tiniest grit from entering and clogging your gutters
  • Stay safe from eliminating the need to clean your gutters
  • Affordable options
  • Easy installation
  • Out of sight from the ground
  • Will fit on all sizes of gutter systems

Storm Group Gutters Proudly Uses Xtreme Gutter Guards

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LeafsOut Gutter Guards ($2.95/foot)

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Xtreme Gutter Guards are made out of surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh, which eliminates the need for frequent gutter cleaning. This solidly-built micro mesh fits on all types of roofs, and the panels interlock to keep all the seams firmly intact.

This gutter strengthening effect allows Xtreme Gutter Guard to the ability for your gutters to take up to an amazing 60 gallons of water per minute in any rainstorm.

It also creates a defensive barrier that keeps out all sorts of miniscule debris, leaves, pine needles, grit, and even animal nests. Never again will you need to risk climbing the ladder every Spring or Fall to clean gutters – having Xtreme Gutter Guards installed is a wise long-term investment by keeping you safe and maximizing the efficiency of your gutter system. If you’re looking for clog free gutters and the best gutter covers available, you’ve found them in Xtreme!

There are three main features of Xtreme Gutter Guard that separate it from all the competition:

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Micromesh

After testing various mesh sizes for a decade, Xtreme selected a surgical grade stainless steel micromesh that features optimally-sized to prevent even the smallest debris from entering your gutter system.

This maximum prevention feature is why Storm Group Gutters is so proud to represent Xtreme – we like things that provide extreme protection and maximum quality.  This amazing gutter cover can reject outside debris, while giving your gutters the ability to handle an incredible 60 gallons of water per minute. That’s a gallon per second!

Never again will leaves, pine needles, twigs, oak tassels, shingle grit or other types of small debris clog your gutters.

Some competing products use a mesh style that has larger openings – and that just allows pine needles, dirt, and shingle granules to enter your gutters. By contrast, other competitors use a mesh format this is woven so tight that water simply cannot pass through quickly enough, which causes water to shoot right over your gutters – in many cases, even in light rain conditions.

Xtreme Gutter Guard has perfectly sized mesh to guarantee that it will take in any and all of the water it faces against in any storm condition – all the while giving you maximum protection in keeping out all types of debris and keeping your gutters clean and clear.

The quality is second to none as well. The surgical grade stainless steel (think doctor’s instruments) does not corrode over time. Xtreme offers a 20-year warranty against corrosion or degradation, so you are well covered with a gutter system that will stand the test of time.

Patented Hemmed Mesh

The Xtreme Gutter Guard’s patented “hemming” process uses a mechanical procedure to bond the micro-mesh securely into the aluminum body frame. This bonding creates a strong connection that stays firmly in place after years of weather extremes, so that roof debris will simply blow off of its smooth surface.

Be wary of mesh gutter guards that use glue, caulk, or any crimping the mesh into the guard’s frame! These methods have proven to have a high failure rate since they pull away from the roof over time when exposed to wind, hard rain, snowstorms, and harsh outdoor conditions. Of course, once the mesh is pulled away, debris will easily enter the gutters. This won’t happen if you have Xtreme Gutter Guards installed.

Gutter Strengthening

Because of the solid build in tandem with the bonding process, Xtreme actually strengthens your gutters. Because gutters historically have a tendency to become detached from homes during storms, heavy winds, or ice and snow load. The Xtreme patented install design gives your gutters superior strength, which stabilizes the entire gutter system.

This happens since the front of the product is first screwed to the lip of the gutter, and then screwed again to the back leg to your fascia. The sheer torque pressure from the second screw squeezes the gutter tightly against the fascia, allowing it to last longer and drastically reduce maintenance.


XTREME INSIDE MITER (for Inside Roof Valleys)

The Xtreme “intelligent” miters provide additional protection from heavy water volume flow, such as corner sections of the roof where water is flowing down not just one area of a roof, but two. By increasing the surface area on trouble spots like these, each miter allows more water to easily pass through it, so that your gutter system will always perform at its best.


Storm Group Gutters proudly use Xtreme End Caps and Screws for maximum quality. The End Caps are carefully crafted to fully protect your gutters from small animals or miscellaneous debris that could potentially enter through any open gaps at the ends. We “cap” the ends to avoid any such issues in these high-quality endcaps. And you can count on our rough and tough screws that are matched to the gutter weight and secure your gutters firmly – even in the face of harsh Minnesota winds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

What are micro mesh gutter guards made of?

Micro mesh gutter guards are made out of highly durable aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel.

Is micro mesh available in different sizes?

Yes! Micro mesh gutter guards are available in 5” and 7” widths designed to fit all sizes of gutter systems.

Can I have micro mesh installed with my wood shake roof?

Absolutely! Micro mesh gutter guards can be installed on many types of roofs including: asphalt shingle, flat tile, Spanish tile, stone coated steel, and wood shake. It’s a great idea to install Xtreme if you’re getting new gutters installed, which Storm Group Gutters does as well.

Do Xtreme micro mesh gutter guards come with a warranty?

Yes – Xtreme offers a 20-year limited warranty on all their micro mesh gutter covers.

Xtreme Gutter Guard’s mesh looks thin, will it hold up during Minnesota’s winters?

Absolutely. The surgical-grade stainless steel mesh is designed to hold up to anything Minnesota throws at it, and the strong .024 gauge aluminum frame is rock-solid. All Xtreme products are backed by a 20-year warranty. In addition, the patented bonding process adheres the mesh to the gutter guard frame, and it is screwed into the fascia (as opposed to glue or caulk that other competitors use).

Will I have to clean any debris off the top of the gutter cover?

No. In general, most of the debris (leaves, sand, small tree debris) falls off Xtreme models. Wind and the slope of the roof push virtually all debris off our gutter protection system. The pounding of the rain actually self-cleans the micromesh in most situations. Xtreme should be installed at the same “pitch” (roof angle) as the roof to get the best results of debris shedding off.

We Only Install the Best Gutter Guards!

Storm Group Gutters specializes in the Xtreme Micro Mesh gutter guard system in the Minneapolis MN and Twin Cities region of Minnesota. Contact us to learn more about Xtreme gutter guards and how they can benefit your gutter system!